Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that this week i passed the R&S CCIE lab exam. CCIE #29189.

Its been a long journey for me. Working full time, not taking any dedicated time off work to do so, has been challenging.

Its been a journey which has challenged me in every way, but also one that has been straining every part of my life. I have given up alot to get to this point. I have certainly lost contact with friends, missed out on birthdays and other social events. However, at the same time its been very rewarding in itself. I have met interesting people during my bootcamp which i would not have met otherwise.

I would especially like to thank Narbik Kocharian for a great bootcamp experience and Rolf Schärer for telling me not to give up after my first attempt and basically lifted me off the floor :). It meant alot. IPexpert has been very helpful. Using a combination of Narbik material as well as IPexpert BLS, its all worked out!

Also, thanks goes out to my friend Jacob which has been a great help and motivator during large parts of my study.

But no one has supported me more than my girlfriend Maibrith. She is the number one reason why i have finally made it. Thank you!

Now to let it all sink in.