Week on the wire – Week 7.

A couple of things i have found interesting this week.

The first one is that Intel is still in the game for making NIC’s. Even though they are doing some good ones in the server space, this batch seems to be targeted at the entry-level.

I dont really know what to make of Intel when it comes to the networking industry. The whole idea of moving more and more features (GPU) on-chip seems like a good idea in many cases and maybe this is just another feature to put on the same slab of silica.




Wan optimizers. I usually stay away from this topic but this article (see source) stirred some interest.

WAN optimization is a patch for broken connectivity. Either you dont have enough bandwidth or your design is wrong (think latency).

These are the primary focus areas of WAN optimization. All the other things they do these days are add-ons to make them more attractive as a branch appliance.

Another reason why i doubt the “second coming” of WAN optimizers is because of what we are seing happening in the datacenter. VDI makes the traffic profile look completely different than what we are used to, which is traffic flowing from a central location over the WAN and out into the branch.

Its going to be interesting to see what this shakeup will result in.



And finally, to scare you a bit, the FBI says social media monitoring wont infringe privacy rights.

Thats good, im relieved. The authorities says its all good, then it must be.

Go take a look for yourself: