Week on the wire – Week 9.

Its been a rough week. I have been finishing up projects and getting rid of loose ends.

I have also been giving a couple of lectures on IPv6 (Basically primers) to customers as well as some information on basic failover configuration in IOS. The advent of 3G and low cost gives alot of new opportunities for customers.

The rumor mill indicator is a solid green with news of the comming iPad 3.

And yes, i will be getting one as well. Sometimes i think i should have Apple as a permanent part of my

monthly payments.

Head on over to Mac Rumors (http://www.macrumors.com/) to learn more.

Some CCIE datacenter news.

Over on FryGuy’s blog theres a small piece that seems to confirm the CCIE datacenter certification:


There are more rumors about Cisco trying to go back to its core business as well. Even though Cisco fully commits to keep making weird things.

In this case its the Set-Top boxes: Cisco keeps making set-top boxes!

I keep thinking they should follow the Apple strategy. Its not bad to take/steal strategies from other companies when it might benefit your own business. In this case its: Keep-it-Simple! Focus on core areas!

Some very interesting information on D-Duplication in Windows Server 8:


And finally, i cannot recommend Endomondo enough. I use it to track all my exercises. Its an example of an App and a service that does something really well and doesnt include any crapware.

Try it out at: endomondo.com