Week on the wire – Week 10.

I think one of the most important things this to happen this week, was a public announcement

from the boss of TeliaSonera.

He announced that they would in the near future, start to charge people for any VoIP calls they would make through their broadband services.

For example, if you are a customer of TeliaSonera and also a Skype user, who wants to keep using this service, you must now pay extra.

Their reasoning for this, is that they believe they are loosing business in their own POTS and VoIP networks to these third part services and this isnt “fair” according to them.

For anyone with a bit of sense, this is yet another typical example of an outdated and dying business model. The people behind the business model are now trying every trick in their book to keep hanging on to every dime.

Fortunally the European Union seems to be very aware of this and are keeping an eye out for anyone trying to provide differentiated services.

I really hope they will catch this one as soon as possible and set a precedent that this wont be tolerated.

Unfortunally i was unable to find any links to the source in English, but I have included the Danish one i read.