Gold Nugget's, courtesy of Arista

I think the video below is worth going through for a couple of reasons.

First off, it explains one networking company’s strategy towards SDN (Software Defined Networking). Its a great academic concept with lots of potential. However there’s no real push for it from customers (at least the customer base of Arista).

It also brings up a great point. The internet was built to be able to tolerate failure. That means no central point of administration. SDN with a SDN Controller is the exact opposite of this. The question then becomes, do you really want a central entity controlling all your network flows?

Secondly, a bit off-topic, is the focus on one thing. Arista has set its sight on a single problem and are working hard to solve exactly that. This is a concept i think more companies should pay attention to. As explained in the video, its very hard, almost impossible, “to be everything for everyone”. Very few companies can get away with this no matter what business they are in.

Just to be clear, i have no experience with any Arista equipment nor any relation to them.

Take a look for yourself: