Mr. Ferro's "Arse First Method of Technical Blogging"!

I just had a chance to go ahead and read Mr. Greg Ferro’s ebook called ”Arse First Method of Technical Blogging“.

The book is being published by Leanpub (, an independent publisher and the readers will get free updates to the book as they become available.

Mr. Ferro is well known from as well as the Packet Pushers podcast.

The book is all about writing a technical blog. It takes you through some important facets of writing a blog, namely why to blog in the first place and the importance of actually publishing something.

The book is short and to the point, something the book itself preaches in its contents.

The workflow of writing a blog post is examined with the outline of going from the bottom up. An interesting idea that I personally hope will help me get started with some blog ideas I have.

Mr. Ferro also offers some advice from his years blogging at as well as some information about editing and publishing tools. I appreciated this information as im always interested in ways of managing information.

My impression of the book is very positive. Sure it needs some work here and there, but its a work in progress and im sure he will incorporate any ideas and suggestions the readers might have. My own suggestion would be to include a short example of writing a blog post

In Summary

”Arse First Method of Technical Blogging“ is a book thats well worth the few bucks. It presents some very good ideas and pointers to get started with blogging technical material.

The main theme of the book is contained in the title. Start from the bottom and go from there, which is a great idea to actually get any writing started at all.

The book is a clear example that Mr. Ferro has put alot of thought into the workflow of writing blogposts, something that is obvious when reading over at

I enjoyed reading the entire thing in one go and can recommend it to others.

Go ahead and get your copy here:

Disclaimer: I paid for this book myself because I was curious about its contents. I have not been asked to write anything or endorse it in any way.