Site Maintenance

I am performing some site maintenance in conjunction with a move to a new VPS server. (Thank you Hetzner (some irony may be involved)).

Hopefully everything should be reachable, but some minor UI tweaks may occur.

Thanks for understanding.


Time to say goodbye to Barcelona

As im sitting here in the hotel, waiting to leave for the airport, the only thing on my mind is: Wow.. what an amazing week this has been. I have met so many old friends and made a bunch of new ones.
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Tech Field Day @ CiscoLive Europe 2019

I am honoured to have been selected as a delegate for Tech Field Day during Cisco Live Europe 2019 in Barcelona! Cisco Live Europe will take place from the 27th of January until Friday 1st. I am really looking forward to this opportunity.
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Onto the next one…

Yesterday I passed the CCNA-W exam. Now onto the next partner certification I need to do before summer. Its called 500-452 ENCWE – Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Essentials and a large part of it involves iWAN, which im not too familiar with.
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CCDE – A different Journey

Wednesday the 22nd of February, in a testing center in the middle of London, my journey towards achieving the CCDE certification, finally ended in me passing this beast of an exam. This learning journey was a very different one than either of my CCIE’s.
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New practice lab(s) available…

In case you are serious about going for the CCDE certification, I highly recommend you check out my friend Martin Duggan’s new lab(s) on Leanpub. His writing style is very good and its easy to follow along and i look forward to hitting this lab myself.
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Cisco Live US! 2016

I am fortunate enough, to be able to goto Cisco Live US! again this year. Last year was such an experience, that my hopes are really high for this year as well. I will be arriving on Friday the 8th and leaving on the 15th.
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Passed the CCDE written. Now what?

I was fortunate enough to finally pass the CCDE written exam yesterday morning. That begs the question of “Now What?” Well, I will spend a couple of days putting together a study strategy, based on where I am now compared to where I need to be in order to pass the exam.
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Time for change

Its time for a change! It was a tough decision, but i’ve decided that I need some new challenges in my professional life. To that effect, i’ve quit my old job and joined a different VAR/SP where I will be working in a skilled team of network engineers.
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Stay tuned for important news in December!!

I’ve got some important news which I will reveal in the beginning of December!

So stay tuned 🙂


My first Cisco Live!

Even though im still in San Diego, Cisco Live! US 2015 is but a memory. But what a memory it is! It being my first time attending a Cisco Live conference, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I was met with, was a conference full of really sharp and nice people.
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Cisco Live US 2015 – Session Schedule

This is my current schedule for the Cisco Live US 2015 event. Most are related to my CCDE studies and a few are with technologies and products that im interested in in general. Monday: 08:00 – 09:30 BRKSAN-2101 FCoE for small and mid size enterprises.
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Cisco Live US – 2015

I will be attending this year’s Cisco Live US in San Diego! This is my first Cisco Live, so I dont really know what to expect. There are alot of great sessions that I want to attend (if they are not already full), and I will be posting my week here when i have my sessions down.
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Its a new year!

My apology. I have been very absent here as of late. I have been doing some different stuff, which is irrelevant here, but rest assured, i got some posts lined up. The next one on Unified MPLS. I think you will like it, so stay tuned!
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Cisco Champion.

Woke up to a very nice email today.

I have been selected as a Cisco Champion for 2015! – Now i get to see what all the fuzz is about and hopefully be able to contribute something.


A bit of maintenance

I am currently performing a bit of maintenance on the blog (moving host), so there might be some small errors here and there. I apologise for this! – Hopefully everything will be up and running smoothly in a few days time.
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Change of focus

I have decided to change my focus quite a bit. I was planning on tackling the IOS-XR exam this year and was preparing for it by going through the blueprint. However another track kept pulling me towards it, and ofcourse thats the CCDE track.
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The Tech Interview

Some very smart people have created a new website aimed at the career aspects of the tech world. In time the site should prove to be a valuable tool for anyone trying to land a job in the tech industry.
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Mr. Ferro's "Arse First Method of Technical Blogging"!

I just had a chance to go ahead and read Mr. Greg Ferro’s ebook called ”Arse First Method of Technical Blogging“. The book is being published by Leanpub (, an independent publisher and the readers will get free updates to the book as they become available.
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Long time since last post

Okay, so its been a while since my last post. Been having some issues to deal with, which has taken quite alot of energy. I am going for the CCNP, starting with the BSCI exam. Ive got the books for it, and started studying.
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CCNA completed :)

I am happy to report that I managed to pass the CCNA exam yesterday. What a relief.

Here it is:

CCNA Certified

Hopefully Maibrith passes her exam today as well!!

Update: She did pass it!

Bought a rack.

I just purchased a Rack from Dantrak UK. I need some sort of solution to mount the gear I have and will be getting. I cant have it all lay around the floor. They (Dantrak UK) is basically a reseller of Dantraknet.
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Hello world!

This is a project. Take it or leave it. Add to it, or discard it. Basically its my space, only working as… MySpace.