Final Rack Photo

As promised, here is a couple of photos of the final layout.


Total Layout


More detailed view


Thats all there is to it 🙂


Final Design.

So I modified the previous layout a bit. The concern i voiced about the 3640 was enough to make me figure out a way to have that one as the bottom piece of equipment. This is what i ended up with:
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Design Layout

I need to start cabling all of this gear into place. I have made a layout which i think i will try out. The only thing that concerns me is the weight of the 3640 router. Its a heavy baby.
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New setup.

So i have decided to extend my rack functionality. I have the nessecary switching capacity, but what i need are the “correct” routers. Because of that, i have so far purchased 4x 1841 + a 2811. I still need 3 more before its in order.
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Bought a rack.

I just purchased a Rack from Dantrak UK. I need some sort of solution to mount the gear I have and will be getting. I cant have it all lay around the floor. They (Dantrak UK) is basically a reseller of Dantraknet.
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