Final Design.

So I modified the previous layout a bit.

The concern i voiced about the 3640 was enough to make me figure out a way to have that one as the bottom piece of equipment.

This is what i ended up with:

It worked out pretty well. All the cables were long enough to accomplish the design above. On top of it all i have my remote power switch so i can power it all on/off remotely.

I also configured the access-server (2511) so i can access all the devices directly. For some reason the first configuration i did on this didnt work at all. Deleting all config and starting over fixed the problem. Dont ask, i dont have an explanation for this 🙂

Power wise, i was pleasently surprised. When the entire thing is on it takes about 620Watts, which is far less than i expected. Obviously the 3640 router is the power hungry beast of them all.

Noise…. Yes, it makes alot of noise. Its actually the 2811 router that has a bad fan which makes the most noise. If/When i replace this fan, it will calm down quite alot.

I will post a picture of the final setup once im done doing the cables.