Time to say goodbye to Barcelona

As im sitting here in the hotel, waiting to leave for the airport, the only thing on my mind is: Wow.. what an amazing week this has been.

I have met so many old friends and made a bunch of new ones. All of the Tech Field Day delegates and staff are so bright and friendly that its hard to put into words. We have debated, discussed, thought out loud, shrugged our shoulders and laughed hard.

If you are not already following these guys on twitter, you really should go ahead and push that follow button. Here they are: @al_rasheed @TechFieldDay @ioshints @networkautobahn @darkkavenger @bockcay @OrhanErgunCCDE

In the coming weeks I will put together my final impressions of both the Cisco Live event and the entire Tech Field Day Extra event. Also to come is an analysis of some of the presentations we were fortunate enough to receive.

A big shoutout to Ben Gage (@BenTGage) and Tom Hollingsworth (@NetworkingNerd) for inviting me to this amazing event! Thank you guys!

Time to leave for the airport. Take care!