Short update

Its been a long time since my last update. I apologise for this. It wasnt my intention, it just sort of happened.

In the meantime I have tried the CCIE SP lab and didnt pass it, so I am still studying for my next attempt which is comming up shortly.

Until then I have booked quite a number of rack hours. Hopefully I will learn from some of the mistakes I have identified.

Just last week Cisco announced the IOS XRv image that allows you to run a virtual instance of IOS XR. This is great news for the community at large as it provides the ability to learn about XR without having to spend alot of money on rack rentals or even buying platforms that run XR.

Unfortunally, there is a bug in the download system, which Cisco is trying to correct. It disallows the download for people with active partner status. This includes me. So we are to wait 3 days at the time of writing until it gets sorted out.

I suggest you take a look at FryGuy’s blog about the release of IOS XRv.

The link can be found here:

Take care!