Dropped Lab Date

Today I made the decision to drop my next lab date for the CCIE Security V6 lab exam.


Im simply not ready for another attempt yet and im not sure im going to be ready for the V6 before they transition to V7.

So instead of wasting money for an attempt im 99% sure im going to fail, im going to spend even more hours practicing, reading, labbing etc. You know the drill.

However, im still very dissatisfied with the quality of this exam. Im currently in the process of writing up some thoughts of my own and gathering information from my study group about their experience with this lab exam. Im going to reach out to Zia (Program manager for Security) about these.

Also the training market really needs to get their s*it together and come up with some decent training that actually prepares you for the real deal. I have been in touch with many of these, and we are all willing to shell out good $$$ for something, but its just not happening.

So in effect that leaves candidates on their own in creating a study regime in which to learn. Easy for some, not for me unfortunally. Especially when these technologies are not some im dealing with on a day to day basis.

Also, I hope that Cisco will consider making some more mobile dates open up. The one i just dropped was in Copenhagen, which is very convenient. A good way to start the testing process is not from the stress of international travel.

I will try and keep the information flowing regarding these activities.

Thats all for now.

Take Care