A quote from an Ex-Googler

I really like this paragraph, because almost everyone wants to imitate google. Why? well, the answer to that questions seems to be what everyone is missing! Google’s solutions were built for scale that basically doesn’t exist outside of a maybe a handful of companies with a trillion dollar valuation.
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What I was thinking a while back..

This is cool, a p2p program based on real life trust. Alliance is a program that everyone has seen before, but with a twist. Instead of searching everybody and their uncle’s stash of bits, you only search a much smaller circle of people whom you already trust.
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Filesharing: Filesharing as a technology.

Filesharing, as I define it, is a way for people to share files with one and another. Filesharing programs, are programs that enable people to do so. The programming instructions which perform the transfer of bits from one computer to another is a technology.
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Quote to ponder about!

“we think a life without internet may be worse than one without money.” — Gizmodo