– a place for all things copyrighted

I was checking (A place in favor of sharing things online) the other day, and found that a new site, had been started by a former spokesperson of The site aims to shed some light on immaterial “rights”.
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What I was thinking a while back..

This is cool, a p2p program based on real life trust. Alliance is a program that everyone has seen before, but with a twist. Instead of searching everybody and their uncle’s stash of bits, you only search a much smaller circle of people whom you already trust.
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12.000.000 is a very large number

But it is still the number of peers The Piratebay had sometime during the past week.A peer is defined in the bittorrent world as one who connects to download/upload some part of a file. The number 12.000.000 is also about twice the amount of people living in Denmark at the moment.
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The proposed legislation for criminalizing internet users has been twarted — This time at least.

But it was a close one: “The vote was close, with 314 MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) voting in favor of an amendment to scrap what many consider draconian and disproportionate measures to protect copyright over the internet, and 297 voting against the amendment.
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Filesharing: Filesharing as a technology.

Filesharing, as I define it, is a way for people to share files with one and another. Filesharing programs, are programs that enable people to do so. The programming instructions which perform the transfer of bits from one computer to another is a technology.
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How to explain Bittorrent?

How do you explain how Bittorrent works to people who have never heard of Bittorrent before? I actually find it quite hard to explain the fundamentals of it.