What I was thinking a while back..

This is cool, a p2p program based on real life trust.

Alliance is a program that everyone has seen before, but with a twist. Instead of searching everybody and their uncle’s stash of bits, you only search a much smaller circle of people whom you already trust. This makes it virtually impossible for the RIAA/MPAA/ to catch you in the act (if you were doing something illegal with the technology in the first place).

I can think of small networks where people all trust each other, and if new material was to be entered into these small networks, only 1 person need download it from the vast internet, and put it on the closed small network.

The only real issue, is whether or not you trust Alliance to carry your bits in the first place, but im sure some very clever people will use packet sniffers to make sure of no foulplay.

Im curious what the “establishment” will make of this.