The proposed legislation for criminalizing internet users has been twarted — This time at least.

But it was a close one:

The vote was close, with 314 MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) voting in favor of an amendment to scrap what many consider draconian and disproportionate measures to protect copyright over the internet, and 297 voting against the amendment.

That means there are still 297 souls out there, that really dont get that Internet access is vital for any person living in this day an age. And the ones that dont use the Internet is the ones that wont be affected by this at all either. So you want to put up a fence for a person to Search online for a job, doing financial transactions, which in many places are solely done through the net. Getting educational material through the net, and continuing your education. Doing your groceries online for especially the physically challenged. Be a knowledgeable person about the society by reading blogs and even mainstream papers.

Yes, lets all bow down to our mighty overlords in the entertainment industry, and reject all the good things we have gained from the last 15 years of internet development.

I still want a list of the people who voted against scrapping the idea, so I can launch some sort of campaign against my local MEP.

Do you know of a list like this?