– a place for all things copyrighted

I was checking (A place in favor of sharing things online) the other day, and found that a new site, had been started by a former spokesperson of

The site aims to shed some light on immaterial “rights”. This is a good idea and I for one welcome it.

One of the first articles that was posted was from the chairman of KODA, a rightsholder organisation for composers in Denmark. His article can be found here.

I wrote my reply in the comment section, but Id like to point out the main point of my comment, which is that copyright does not exist for the single reason to put food on the table of artists. It exists as a means for a society to create incentive for artists to create more well, art. We do this for the sake of our society, not because we feel artists by definition should get paid. This is a misunderstanding. So, if we are to discuss copyright in the digital age, I feel it is important to see why copyright was invented in the first place, to benefit the society, only then can we find new ways to accomplish the same goal, to benefit society, even if that doesnt agree with right holders.

Again, Im not against people getting paid for their work by any means, what i AM against is criminalizing an entire generation of internet users for basically do, what we people do…. share.