A quote from an Ex-Googler

I really like this paragraph, because almost everyone wants to imitate google. Why? well, the answer to that questions seems to be what everyone is missing! Google’s solutions were built for scale that basically doesn’t exist outside of a maybe a handful of companies with a trillion dollar valuation.
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Complicated Vs. Complexity

I am currently reading Team of Teams, an excellent book! In it, it highlights an interesting fact that I think is very relevant for the networking world and that is the difference between something that is complicated versus something that is complex.
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Upcoming webinar with Daniel Dib

Just wanted to let you know that Daniel from lostintransit.se is doing a webinar on network design. I will be attending and helping out any way i can.

Go here to learn more: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/blogs/community_cafe/2015/01/21/network-design-fundamentals-webinar-with-ciscovip-daniel-dib

CRS/ASR Switching fabrics

At the moment I’m going through whitepapers, Cisco Live 365 presentations and IOS XR fundamentals learning about switching fabrics. Its a steep learning curve, but in its own way its quite fascinating. There are a lot of acronyms to be mastered, so later on i will post a list that might serve myself and others when looking at these sort of architectures.
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