Beginning of a new week.

Yesterday i managed to do 2 hours worth of lab time + an hour on my latest blog post about BGP. All in all 3 hours worth of CCIE level stuff. I’m pleased with that after my motivational down-time.

I also managed to do a lot of physical work yesterday, fixing the car up, getting everything cleaned out. Its gorgeous now. So I was well tired, but after drinking Red Bull i simply could not fall asleep. It ended up being about 2:30 – 3:00 before i finally dosed off. Up at 6:30 again, and now I’m smashed 🙂

Not sure how much lab time i will have today, as i have to drive to the nearest Apple (3rd party) store to hand in my laptop AGAIN. They messed it up last time, and now my wireless NIC is not working. Beautiful! Ill never buy anything in Humac again. If im getting more apple equipment, it’ll be from apple themselves.

Now its time to finish up some work tasks (documentation) and then head off. Take care!!