Mid-april update.

Long time since last post. There are reasons for that.

First of is labs. Ive been doing quite alot of labs. I finished Narbik’s Vol 1 workbook. All good stuff, and I learned alot of material that was not covered in the written blueprint. Alot of emphasis on IP SLA, which i really like. It provides a really good tool in your networking toolbox.

Second is that work has taken its toll. My implementation of DMVPN is sort of working. Im having a problem with one of the mGRE tunnels.

When its configured with a crypto profile, sometimes it looses the SA and start establishing a new one. This causes a short outage of data-flow.

Enough time for a user to notice it in a Citrix session. When it has enough of idle connections, the router starts cleaning up, causing a long outage (60-120 seconds) before everything is back to the start. I have no idea why this is happening as i have an identical connection to another site, which is working fine.

My best bet is some timing issue. I have started a TAC case for this, as ive spent way too much time troubleshooting it. Even did an identical setup at home to see if i could re-create it. No dice.

Third is motivation. Ive simply been lacking it lately. I have no idea why. I just seem to sit at the computer, and i get distracted with something else or just sit and stare at the screen. I need to get this fixed asap as it mess up my time schedule completely. I took some advice and started drinking

alot of water during the day to “clear my mind” so to speak. Red Bull has been a life saver to at least make me do something.

Fourth is medicine related. I got my medicine messed up, and now im back on it. It always creates a period where im just “stoned”. Its very hard to keep focused when im like this. Hopefully it will pass in a few days. It normally does.

On another note, im about to check in on Narbik if the UK class in june is still on. If so, im going to attend to get a refresher on the material that was covered last time as well as the two days i lack. Hopefully it is! Have no urgent need to goto the US at the moment. If its on, i need to book hotel, plane tickets as well as the cab ride. Things need to fall into place.

Today, im going to be using mnemosyne (http://www.mnemosyne-proj.org/) to try and jog my memory on commands and their output to see if i remember it all. Its a great little tool, which i hope will help me out. Flashcarddb.com is good, but it lacks the ability to attach images. I often have a screenshot of something that explains things better than i can in plain words.

Im about to type in some of my handwritten notes into OneNote. I color things which makes it visually appealing and easier to decipher.

Handwritten Notebook

Thats it for now 🙂