Back in the labs.

Im pretty much back at my lab practice again. Doing Narbik’s labs.

Last 5-6 labs is all about frame-relay, including FRTS, PIPQ (Which i never encountered before), fragmentation and compression. All good stuff. As someone on twitter mentioned, its really amazing that frame-relay is still on the lab exam. You would think that they would remove that topic and introduce some more MPLS. However, i guess that frame-relay is a good topic to do exam tasks as there are soo many small details.

Last few days i have been doing alot of physical work around the apartment, since we are redoing the entire living room. Another type of engineering challenge 🙂 A few weeks, and a i think we have it all as we want it.

I need to build some sort of a mediacenter though. Still havent made up my mind on which direction to take. Buy a pre-configured box (such as the Western Digital HD Live) or build my own. Still a toss up.

Okay, off to do some more physical work, and then hopefully some labs later on! (working with a hangover is not the most interesting thing to be doing).

Take Care!