Queueing Galore!

Just finished a VERY busy day at work. Virus attack at a customer site + a complete FTP server change.

Anyways. I wanted to let you know of a book i just started which i think will come in handy in the lab.

Its Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols. A Cisco Press book. So far ive just read the introductory chapters as well as a primer on RIP.

I think its a book i will read almost cover to cover (skipping IGRP and ISIS chapters) since it might provide some usefull insight into border-line

scenarios. You might as well learn from the experience that these seasoned veterans possess.

Also, ive been doing labs on Custom Queueing (CQ), Priority Queueing (PQ) and Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ) as well as some labs on

matching different stuff. The CQ, PQ and WFQ i havent touched in ages, so it was VERY good to get a refresh on the queueing methods.

They are still on the blueprint, even though i suspect that CBWFQ will be tested more extensively. You just get so into the MQC that

configuring these legacy methods become so well, aged in comparison. These are all Narbik labs, and I especially liked the one pointing out

what IP Precedence did to WFQ’ings decision making process. The math makes it easy to understand that IP Prec = 1 is twice as likely to get picked as IP Prec = 0.

Listened to Marko’s (IPexpert man) lecture on BGP in the car this morning. Especially the stuff on AS path regular expression still tricks me.

Its on my “practice-more” list, and i will need to spend more time on looking-glass servers in the near future. Its one of those things that you can

do for 10-20 mins or something every now and then when you have the basics down.

Okay, after a 12 hour work day, im going to go through my summary-list and then catch some sleep. Its vacation time after tomorrows workday. Thursday through Sunday.

Luckily ill get some hours worth of study pushed into my schedule. I guess i could use a PQ myself.

Take Care!!