Progress report.

Update 11-08-2010: I can now create RMON alarms and events. It seems the command set for RMON is pretty limited. Not much around the net as to how deep to go into this. Hope its enough.

I just looked over the detailed blueprint which is authored by cisco. It had checkmarks, which i used to mark down things i knew i could configure, as well as things i really need more training in. These are the topics i have either forgotten about or just havent paid attention to. Anyways, these are the things i will need to study more in the comming month:

Especially the RMON and EEM needs attention. I have “pushed” these out into the future far enough. I need to deal with them.

The STP stuff, like uplinkfast and backbonefast are topics that i have done plenty of times before, but where my memory is lacking quite a bit. And again, my two arch enemies: Catalyst QoS and Multicast. In the multicast section, the big one is bidirectional PIM. Even though its quite “simple”, if there’s such a thing here, i need to wrap my head around it.

I dont think this list is that bad. Its doable at least. It just requires alot of research. This will be a good time to spend even more time looking for stuff on the DocCD.

I have started going to work an hour to an hour and a half before i have to. This gives me some quiet time in the morning where i can go through notes, write stuff down, do some Mnemosyne or redo some labs i have had trouble with. So far this is pretty good as it gives me some more time to tackle this beast.

I have booked my lab for November 2nd in Brussels. I will travel down there on November 1st. This gives me three months to get my act together. Everything is paid for and non-refundable, so i will do my best to give it a good shot.

The foreseeable future brings more lab time, this time doing IPexpert labs, as i have finished all the Narbik material. September 1st im flying to Gran Canaries on vacation. However, i made a deal with my girlfriend, that i need 2-3 hours a day doing labs (note to self: need internet connection).

Im not much of a beach person anyways, so it really doesnt bother me, but she’s very insisting on the whole “social” part of the vacation 🙂

Shameless plug: Redbull and Coffee should be defined as the 8th wonder of the world. (30 Redbulls stashed into the fridge).

A person in my bootcamp, who came in a few days to resit the bootcamp, passed his R&S yesterday. Good job Joe (#26612)!