Progress report – Saturday 14-08-2010.

Woke up early this morning to get a head-start on the Video-on-Demand courses. I do it by looking at the PDF’s thats covered on each configuration section, and try and replicate the topology as well as solving all the tasks.

Afterwards i follow along the video and check out if my solution matches, and notes down if theres other ways to perform the same thing. Its very good training to do it that way i think.

Im trying to update my previous progress report, so i can take a stab at the technologies listed there. Still have quite a few, but i think ive done the previous ones in good time so far.

Im about to start the EIGRP configuration Video-on-Demand, which should be good, after that i think im going to hit some more volume 1 labs. I tend to get bored with the video’s sometimes as i need to get my hands dirty in the configuration myself 🙂

Hopefully a few more hours of study time before i have to leave for most of the afternoon.

Lastly, i need to figure out if im going to attend the Narbik bootcamp outside Washington next month. Not sure about this yet. Have to speak to my boss about it.

Anyways, im off to view some IPexpert Video-on-Demand. Take care!!