Progress report – Monday 23-08-2010.

I have started doing IPexpert Vol 1. technology labs. They are pretty challeging. They make you think out of the box. Almost none of it is vanilla configuration.

I dont know how closely these labs reflect the real one. Ofcourse these are Vol. 1 labs, but what i mean by it, is especially the wording. Maybe its just me.

If you get a task stating you have to do something, what i find hard, is to allow myself to implement any special solution that comes to mind, even though it seems radical. Like, how about breaking up your frame cloud in order to do something special?

To me, this seems like a big “step” to perform. However, if it is NOT stated that you cant do this, why not do it?

Read through the entire lab in order to avoid any pitfalls. Take the above. Will breaking up the frame cloud break other requirements down the line? or even stuff you have done previously?

One thing that really got me, was legacy bridging. I was tasked with getting some discontigous ethernet networks to communicate over a frame-cloud.

I think i understand everything about it now, however, i need to go through that specific lab on proctorlabs equipment to verify everything.

I have spent most of my time since the last post watching VoD material as well as doing these labs. As mentioned, when doing the VoD material i normally set everything up myself in order to check everything out myself.

One thing is to view a configuration on a video, where some steps might be performed already, another is getting your own lab to reflect this. Not always a 1-to-1 thing.

I havent received my Vol. 3 VoD walkthroughs on my DVD update. This means i have to ship my harddrive back to IPexpert, which is another $60. Even though it takes up some bandwidth, it should be doable to have these updates as downloads. Its 2010 after all.

Concerning the topics i still need to master as per the list below, im planning on tackling Embedded Even Manager this week. However, labs takes precedence.

I am able to spend more time as well as more focus on my labs now. I will need to keep this up for the foreseeable future.

Next week im going on vacation. This does not mean i wont do anything study related. As mentioned, i have made an agreement with my girlfriend, that i have to spend 3 hours a day studying, so we’ll see how that all works out 🙂

As for my schedule for today, im a bit behind. I planned to do an hour worth of studying this morning, but i was simply too tired.

This means no rest this afternoon. Some physical exercise, a shower and then onto the rest of lab 8.

Now, back to work! take care!