Cloud enabled task management.


I have been using Things as my task management program for about 5-6 months.

Its been better than not using anything at all, but what has really annoyed me quite heavily is its inability to do “Cloud” synchronization. The only form of synchronization from Things is through your wireless network. And even so, just directly to your Mac, which then syncs to the other devices.

I use 4 devices, every day. My iPhone, my iPad, my Macbook and my work windows machine.

I want all of these to have an updated task list when i need it.

Wunderlist to the rescue.

Yesterday i decided to take a closer look at wunderlist which is a free, as in free beer, task management solution. It works on all of the platforms including a great web application!  — Only thing is, it makes me annoyed that i spent all the money for Things (on 3 different devices!).

Its an easy choice. Wunderlist leaves Things in the dust and its the future for my task management needs.

If you need some software to handle your tasks, you should definitely take a close look at Wunderlist