1st Attempt – No Dice

So I just got back from my first attempt at the CCDE practical, and unfortunally I didnt pass it.
It was a very different exam than the CCIE and it takes a little while to become used to the interface and exam style.

I started my journey to London on the 30th of August and right off the bat it started out badly with me getting an eye infection in one eye. By the end of the day it had spread to my other eye. Not really what you want or need going into an exam which is heavy on the reading part.

However, it was awesome meeting some of my study buddies from our Slack group! We had a great meal and a few good beers! – Time to call it a night.

The exam has been documented elsewhere, so i wont spend much time on it here. Suffice it to say its a difficult beast 🙂

I only used 5.5 hours of my 9 hour slot, and i just wanted to get out of there and rest my eyes to be honest.

I departed London September 1st and im now back at work. Much the wiser however.

I now know how the exam feels like and the delivery method. I also know what sort of questions are being asked of you and in what detail.

I do need to make up my mind about whether to try the November date or go for the February one. With all the stuff going on in my life at the moment (now being a home-owner), im leaning towards the February one.

Time to get back to work! 🙂