My CCIE Security V6 Home Lab Overview

So I have had some time to put everything together in my small CCIE Security V6 lab.

I want to spend a few moments explaining how everything is put together so others can benefit from it.

At the core of the whole thing is my new server, which is running great! (and importantly, fairly silent :) )


The above image is the base topology of my setup as it sits right now.

I have installed vmware ESXi on my server as i want to run both EVE-NG and the remaining services as VM’s. On EVE-NG i use the “cloud” functionality to connect to a certain vlan/vSwitch (VLAN 150) so it can speak to the different services (ISE, AD etc.). I also use another “cloud” to connect to a vSwitch that has a physical NIC that connects to my catalyst switch or in other terms the physical world.

Doing it this way i get to incorporate physical devices (Switch and ASA’s) to my virtual labs. It works really well and provides alot of flexibility.

Running 3x CSR1000v instances, a switch and a single ASAv is hardly noticable on the server performance. This is a screenshot of HTOP running with that workload:


I still need to add a laptop/PC of some kind as well as an IP phone, which will be sometime early next year.

Now i better get back to studying :)

Take care and stay safe!!