New Goal

So I have further evidence that I might be crazy:

I have decided to abandon any and all CCIE DC studies. Why you might ask? Simple: I dont have access to the required equipment continually so I can practice and reinforce any knowledge.

However, this gives me way too much free time. So instead of being idle, I have decided to try out the CCIE Security track. This track can be completed with a do-able investment in hardware and the rest is software.

I have already purchased 2x Cisco ASA-5512-X as per the recommendation of many other candidates and my lab server has been modified to run all the VM’s required (ISE, ESA, WSA, FMC and a whole bunch of other acronyms).

However, this time around its going to be fairly paced. I dont know yet if I will attempt the CCIE written exam before it turns into a “Core” exam in February. Only time will tell.

I hope you will find whatever I post on the subject of some usage and as always let me know if any information i present has any errors. I want to make sure I understand the material fully, but will almost guarantee there will be some misunderstandings.

Take care!