New Goal

So I have further evidence that I might be crazy: I have decided to abandon any and all CCIE DC studies. Why you might ask? Simple: I dont have access to the required equipment continually so I can practice and reinforce any knowledge.
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Enterprise Networking PVT

This week, I am attending Cisco’s EMEAR Enterprise Networking PVT in Amsterdam and I wanted to highlight some key takeaways. Cisco is really doubling down on getting its software strategy in place. Everything, and I mean everything gets a mention in regards to what sort of software is enabling it (DNA Center/SD-Access/SD-WAN etc.
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Thoughts before CLEUR 2019

In just 3 days time I will be leaving for Cisco Live 2019 in Barcelona. Im thinking about what sort of event it will be and what to expect in term of announcements. Especially one thought keeps reappearing and thats the thought of the transformation of Cisco.
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Cisco Champion 2019

Small update.

I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Cisco Champion for 2019. Looking forward to alot of good information and cooperation from the program! 🙂


Practical OTV

Practical OTV ————- This post is all about OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization) on the CSR1000v. I wanted to create the post because there are alot of acronyms and terminology involved. A secondary objective was to have a “real” multicast network in the middle, as the examples I have seen around the web, have used a direct P2P network for the DCI.
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ISIS Authentication types (packet captures)

In this post i would like to highlight a couple of “features” of ISIS. More specifically the authentication mechanism used and how it looks in the data plane. I will do this by configuring a couple of routers and configure the 2 authentication types available.
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Progress update – 10/07-2017

Hello folks, Im currently going through the INE DC videos and learning a lot about fabrics and how they work along with a fair bit of UCS information on top of that! Im spending an average of 2.5 hours on weekdays for study and a bit more in the weekends when time permits.
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Snippet: The story of the EFP

For a while now, the concept of EVC’s (Ethernet Virtual Circuits) and EFP’s (Ethernet Flow Points), has eluded me. In this short post, i will provide you with a simple example of a couple of EFP’s. In a later post i will discuss the MEF concept of EVC’s.
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