Great summary of what type of man Barack Obama really is.

Reading Marc Andreessen’s blog I came across his endorsement of Barack Obama. He writes of a meeting in early 2007, which basically shapes his opinion about Barack Obama. Without meeting the man, this is the impression I have as well.
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Great Quote:

and do you really believe 10,000 outraged letters to a congressman outweigh $10,000 in unmarked bills?
government is one of the few real bargains left
Seen on regarding the ComCast hearing (FCC)

Lessig considering congress – I agree

I have given some thought about Larry Lessig’s possible candidacy for congress. I have come to the conclussion that I would agree with it, for the following reasons: Exposure. Rally the right people. For starters, I believe that by running for congress, Lessig will create some exposure about the corruption in American politics.
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