Trying out IPv6 Prefix Delegation

In this post i will show how and why to use a feature called IPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD). IPv6 prefix delegation is a feature that provides the capability to delegate or hand out IPv6 prefixes to other routers without the need to hardcode these prefixes into the routers.
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Passed the CCIE SP Lab exam.

CCIE Service ProviderWell, a short update. I managed to pass the CCIE Service Provider lab exam on March 14th.

I am quite exhausted from the experience, but very happy 🙂

Service Provider emulation of a frame-relay network using MPLS.

One of the cool things about MPLS is its versatility. In this post i will show how its possible for a service provider to support legacy frame-relay installations without actually having any frame-relay switches. I will establish an MPLS core and show how a customer with three sites, one hub site and two spoke sites, will never even know that the core is running MPLS and not end-to-end frame-relay.
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