Why you should enjoy life to the fullest

Watched a short video clip on Digg today, about a guy who knew he only had a few months to live, and yet he choose to make the most of it. This should really be a lesson to alot of us, to enjoy life!
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Macbook Air is really really thin.. And summary of my weekend.

Yesterday I went into a Humac apple store in Aalborg (Denmark… Its in Europe… Across the water.. anyways), to see the new Apple Macbook Air. Oh dear, thats a sweet little laptop. It really is as thin as you hoped it would be.
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How will peace be established when…

How will peace ever be established between the large parts of the muslim world and the west, when young kids are being taught to kill for depicting a god in a way you dont like? Well, thats exactly what a children show stipulated a few days ago, regarding the now infamous Muhammed drawings.
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Picture > 1000 words?

This is a pretty cool billboard hack. I like it alot. “Evil Death Star” anyone?

AT&T Billboard picture

Bad HD Crash

These Quantum Fireball harddrives was the bomb back in the day, this is what it looks like when one crash:

HD Crash

Unfortunally I dont have any more of these laying around, and if I did, I would probably replace them after seeing this 🙂

Another notebook is about to bite the dust

It would seem that another HP NC8430 is about to bite the dust. It has been running its fan constantly for the last couple of months, and using coretemp.exe i can see that both cores are extremely hot all the time (75+ degrees Celcius).
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Great Quote:

and do you really believe 10,000 outraged letters to a congressman outweigh $10,000 in unmarked bills?
government is one of the few real bargains left
Seen on BoingBoing.net regarding the ComCast hearing (FCC)

Parents meeting each other – What to cook?

Okay, so this sunday evening, my folks and the like of my girlfriend aren meeting for the first time, and a heavy debate is under way, concerning what to serve them. What do you serve on such an occasion, and how do people with limited dining room make something nifty anyways?
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Destruction of property

Anyone ever thought about how the destruction of property is getting worse and worse? This weekend, alot of lamp posts got thrashed close to where I live. A few weeks back somebody actually stole a car and ran into the exact same lamp posts, busting them completely.
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Funny Quote

Fun quote from jokes4all.net: _– What do you call an intelligent man in America? – A tourist._ There are alot of smart people in America. There is also alot of really stupid people. Guess which group is in power at the moment?
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