VRF based path selection

In this post I will be showing you how its possible to use different paths between your PE routers on a per VRF basis. This is very useful if you have customers you want to “steer” away from your normal traffic flow between PE routers.
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Fixing multicast RPF failure with BGP

In this post i would like to explain how you can fix a multicast RPF failure using BGP. If you take a look at the topology in figure 1, we have a network running EIGRP as the IGP and where R1 advertises its loopback 0 (1.
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Links of the week.

A a couple links that you guys mind find good:


][1] http://lovemytool.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc

First one is a great overview of some BGP options.

The second one is a page with a list of videos of Sharkfest. All things wireshark it would appear 🙂

Morning BGP command.

I have a few minutes this morning that i want to use to clarify a special BGP feature which i had misunderstood until a few days ago. This has to do with the aggregate-address that you use to create a summary address.
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BGP quest.

In my continued quest through BGP i ran into a couple of things which i wanted to share my thoughts about. All of them has to do with a non-direct peering between BGP peers. Originally the BGP protocol was designed to be run between directly connected routers.
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BGP – Inject-map

I want to point your attention to a great article right here: ardenpackeer.com, good stuff, deffinately worth the read. I am looking this up today, as i ran into it last night doing more BGP labs. Again, just to re-iterate. The feature gives you the ability of taking a network, thats advertised by a certain source, and inject a more specific route of this network into the BGP table (and then to the routing table).
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Advertise Maps

More Narbik Labs. I have arrived at the BGP section, and its very good. It touches on some more obscure features that are really useful. One of the things i ran into was the use of advertise-maps, exist-maps and non-exist maps.
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Troubleshooting BGP problem.

So yesterday I setup a BGP scenario which you can see below: I am doing mutual redistribution on both R1 and R3, between BGP and EIGRP. I am advertising a couple of routes from R4 (AS 65001) to R1 (AS 65000).
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