The case for lifelong learning.

People often ask me why i keep studying and when i will be “done”. To me, this type of question seems odd, because i am committed to lifelong learning. I am of the opinion that going through life without learning something all the time would be a life wasted.
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My first Cisco Live!

Even though im still in San Diego, Cisco Live! US 2015 is but a memory. But what a memory it is! It being my first time attending a Cisco Live conference, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I was met with, was a conference full of really sharp and nice people.
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MPLS VPN's over mGRE

This blog post outlines what “MPLS VPNs over mGRE” is all about as well as provide an example of such a configuration. So what is “MPLS VPNs over mGRE”? – Well, basically its taking regular MPLS VPN’s and using it over an IP only core network.
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Overwhelmed – CCDE

I am preparing for the CCDE written exam, which I have coming up at CLUS. There are so much material to go through, both to read as well as watch CL presentations, it can be a bit overwhelming at times.
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Cisco Live US 2015 – Session Schedule

This is my current schedule for the Cisco Live US 2015 event. Most are related to my CCDE studies and a few are with technologies and products that im interested in in general. Monday: 08:00 – 09:30 BRKSAN-2101 FCoE for small and mid size enterprises.
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Cisco Live US – 2015

I will be attending this year’s Cisco Live US in San Diego! This is my first Cisco Live, so I dont really know what to expect. There are alot of great sessions that I want to attend (if they are not already full), and I will be posting my week here when i have my sessions down.
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Upcoming webinar with Daniel Dib

Just wanted to let you know that Daniel from is doing a webinar on network design. I will be attending and helping out any way i can.

Go here to learn more:

Unified/Seamless MPLS

In this post I would like to highlight a relative new (to me) application of MPLS called Unified MPLS. The goal of Unified MPLS is to separate your network into individual segments of IGP’s in order to keep your core network as simple as possible while still maintaining an end-to-end LSP for regular MPLS applications such as L3 VPN’s.
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Its a new year!

My apology. I have been very absent here as of late. I have been doing some different stuff, which is irrelevant here, but rest assured, i got some posts lined up. The next one on Unified MPLS. I think you will like it, so stay tuned!
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Cisco Champion.

Woke up to a very nice email today.

I have been selected as a Cisco Champion for 2015! – Now i get to see what all the fuzz is about and hopefully be able to contribute something.


EIGRP OTP example

In this post id like to provide an example of a fairly new development to EIGRP which is called EIGRP Over The Top (OTP). In all its simplicity it establish an EIGRP multihop adjacency using LISP as the encapsulation method for transport through the WAN network.
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A bit of maintenance

I am currently performing a bit of maintenance on the blog (moving host), so there might be some small errors here and there. I apologise for this! – Hopefully everything will be up and running smoothly in a few days time.
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Trying out IPv6 Prefix Delegation

In this post i will show how and why to use a feature called IPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD). IPv6 prefix delegation is a feature that provides the capability to delegate or hand out IPv6 prefixes to other routers without the need to hardcode these prefixes into the routers.
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VRF based path selection

In this post I will be showing you how its possible to use different paths between your PE routers on a per VRF basis. This is very useful if you have customers you want to “steer” away from your normal traffic flow between PE routers.
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Using the OSPF Forwarding Address for traffic-steering

In this fairly short post, id like to address a topic that came up on IRC (#cciestudy @ Its about how you select a route thats being redistributed into an OSPF NSSA area and comes into the OSPF backbone area 0.
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Using LISP for IPv6 tunnelling.

In this post I would like to show how its possible to use a fairly new protocol, LISP, to interconnect IPv6 islands over an IPv4 backbone/core network. LISP stands for Locator ID Seperation Protocol. As the name suggest, its actually meant to decouple location from identity.
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EIGRP Query bounding.

In the process of restudying EIGRP as a protocol, and more specifically as to how it converges, you can’t avoid running into the saying “Remember to bound your queries!”. From a conceptual point of view its fairly easy to understand that the further out you ask for a prefix the longer the convergence process will take.
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Change of focus

I have decided to change my focus quite a bit. I was planning on tackling the IOS-XR exam this year and was preparing for it by going through the blueprint. However another track kept pulling me towards it, and ofcourse thats the CCDE track.
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CRS/ASR Switching fabrics

At the moment I’m going through whitepapers, Cisco Live 365 presentations and IOS XR fundamentals learning about switching fabrics. Its a steep learning curve, but in its own way its quite fascinating. There are a lot of acronyms to be mastered, so later on i will post a list that might serve myself and others when looking at these sort of architectures.
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Whats next…

I have a lot of non-technical related projects in the pipeline, but study wise, whats next up for me is the IOS XR specialist exam. I think the blueprint for it looks interesting and it provides a way for me to learn more about IOS XR.
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Passed the CCIE SP Lab exam.

CCIE Service ProviderWell, a short update. I managed to pass the CCIE Service Provider lab exam on March 14th.

I am quite exhausted from the experience, but very happy 🙂

ESXi Server Build

With the release of the IOS XRv router, along with CSR (Cloud Services Router), its time that I go ahead and build myself a virtualization solution. To that effect, I have just ordered the components for a home build server, which was the cheapest, not to mention most silent option available.
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Short update

Its been a long time since my last update. I apologise for this. It wasnt my intention, it just sort of happened. In the meantime I have tried the CCIE SP lab and didnt pass it, so I am still studying for my next attempt which is comming up shortly.
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ISIS csnp-interval

The CSNP on multiaccess networks The CSNP (Complete Sequence Number PDU) on multi-access networks is being sent out on behalf of the DIS (Designated Intermediate System), which acts as the pseudonode representing the multi-access network. Its being used as ISIS’s way of making sure everybody on the multi-access network is up to date.
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isis retransmit-interval Vs. isis retransmit-throttle-interval

In this short post i want to try and shed some light on a couple of ISIS timers that had me confused at first. I think i got them down now, but please let me know if i have misunderstood them.
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Fixing multicast RPF failure with BGP

In this post i would like to explain how you can fix a multicast RPF failure using BGP. If you take a look at the topology in figure 1, we have a network running EIGRP as the IGP and where R1 advertises its loopback 0 (1.
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Another Lab lies ahead, round one.

This morning I booked my first go with the CCIE Service Provider lab exam. The battle is in mid November, so I have some time to study. That also means that alot of forthcomming blog posts will be about CCIE SP material.
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Understanding the “NTP access-group” command in IOS.

NTP has always been one of those things I have found tricky to really lab up. Its fairly easy to setup, but verifying whether everything is working as you expect, can be hard because it takes a while to synchronize (and even unsynchronize).
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First take on SDN

I have been very quiet when it comes to the topic of SDN (Software Defined Networking). However, these days you can hardly go through your day without spotting an article about it. The reason I have been quiet is pretty simple.
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The Tech Interview

Some very smart people have created a new website aimed at the career aspects of the tech world. In time the site should prove to be a valuable tool for anyone trying to land a job in the tech industry.
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Mr. Ferro's "Arse First Method of Technical Blogging"!

I just had a chance to go ahead and read Mr. Greg Ferro’s ebook called ”Arse First Method of Technical Blogging“. The book is being published by Leanpub (, an independent publisher and the readers will get free updates to the book as they become available.
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MPLS VPN Per VRF Label feature

In this post i would like to explain the usage of the “MPLS VPN Per VRF Label” feature. By default, in each VRF, prefixes are assigned a VPN label, used to identify the route within the VRF itself. This label is the only label that is being looked at by the receiving PE router.
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Going to DKNOG

I just ordered my ticket for DKNOG, which will be happening on March 21st in Copenhagen.

Catch me there if you can!

Becomming Zen'ish?

Wow. The other day, someone posted a link to []. and I was hooked right away. The entire idea around being “Zen’ish” really appeals to me on a fundamental level. I like the idea behind it, i like what it entails, i like the discipline and i like the calmness.
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Cisco to sell Linksys to Belkin.

Yesterday it was announced that Belkin intends to purchase the Linksys division of Cisco’s hands. I for one, am very happy to see this happen. I think that for Cisco to be really great, it needs to focus on its core competencies, which does not include home networking equipment.
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Time to put the beans to rest

Yesterday brought with it another Java security breach. It is security breach that doesnt yet have a fix for it (0-day), so short of disabling Java on your computer, you are out of luck. Im continually amazed that we keep running this piece of software, but I guess I shouldnt be, given people’s track record of running insecure software (think older Internet Explorer browsers on windows).
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Looking forward

“All that matters, is where you are going” is a favorite quote of mine. With that an update as well as a plan to move forward. I have now finished Narbik’s Volume 2 Service Provider workbook. It took a little while longer than I had planned.
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Done with volume 1 labs.

I have now finished the Narbik Volume 1 labs. It took about 2,5 weeks to do. Im planning on spending a bit more time on the Volume 2 labs. Maybe about 3-4 weeks. I want to make sure i got all the foundational stuff down before advancing to some more complex labs.
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Frame-Relay PVC bundle

In this short piece i would like to show how Frame-Relay PVC bundles work. A PVC bundle is exactly what the name says. Its a bundle of PVC’s, with each PVC handling a certain Precedence, MPLS EXP or DSCP. A requirement for the PVC bundle is that all IP Precedence or DSCP values will be handled by one of the PVC’s, so you need to set the “default” PVC unless
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Some IOS-XR Training

Just wanted to let you know of a good place to go for some IOS-XR training.

Head on over to FryGuy’s place: